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Our specialised solutions work with your systems and processes to provide valuable management and cost information enabling you to effectively manage your shipment costs, landed factor costings, exchange rate volatility, identify variances and introduce proactive measures to protect your margins.

Supply Chain Solutions

Delivering smart Import and Export Supply Chain Solutions across your international trade and local supply chain.


Provide platform integration to ensure visibility and Logistics Service Provider vendor flexibility whilst retaining full track and trace of orders.

Accurate Landed Costing

Extensive costing functionality allows for variance analysis of estimated and guaranteed landed costing; inclusive of all Supplier, Service Provider & Regulatory costs.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our Business process outsourcing solutions are backed by extensive experience in imports, exports, foreign exchange, shipping and logistics management.

Treasury & Finance

Treasury tools and services to manage a number of risks; ensuring the success of your foreign exchange and letter of credit transactions.

Special Projects

AutoStream’s unique expertise and independence from 3rd party Logistics Service Providers and Vendors places AutoStream in a credible position to drive collaboration and facilitate delivery of industry focused value-add projects.


The extension of AutoStream tools, systems and solutions, cascades cost savings, benefits, efficiencies, and visibility right through the supply.

System Integration and Automation

Extensive systems integration and process automation experience enables AutoStream to effectively streamline, design and implement efficiency improvements to promote business growth and scaleability. Principally a solutions and service provider, our software solutions are cloud based, and transaction based models are an option we encourage for our clients, thereby ensuring focus on process and service delivery. Our team of integration experts can help you bring specialist systems together to fully optimise performance and innovate your business.

Consolidations & Rate Optimisations

Increased volume orders, trusted LSP partner status and system functionality enables AutoStream to consolidate shipments and orders across clients realizing efficiencies and cost reduction through container optimisation, improved freight rates and order track and trace.